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For businesses that thrive off repeat business from clients, direct marketing can be extremely important for their business marketing campaign. They are very powerful for B2B or B2C businesses that sell products or services that are frequently purchased.

However, many businesses obtain successful results with periodic e-mailings - by using e-Newsletters as reminders. If your business is seasonal, or has seasonal trends, you can trigger reminders for your product or service. If you've developed a new video, why wait to see who finds it? Announce it in the e-Newsletter.

The number one reason to use email marketing is to promote online referrals. If referrals run your business, online referrals is just an extension of what your clients, patients or accounts are already doing. Your email newsletter can easily be forwarded to family, friends and colleagues.

Optimizing e-Newsletters

Our SEO team includes the optimization of e-Newsletters as part of our SEO offerings. The SEO team will focus on using the email technology to help drive the traffic to your website, to make the call or to buy online. Our SEO copywriters are available to help generate content for the e-Newsletters.

Netcetra can help with any or all aspects of the email marketing:

  • e-Newsletter Strategy - it might seem obvious, but many companies do not have a strategy or a vision for developing content
  • e-Newsletter Design - a custom design or a customized template will encourage consistent branding
  • Building Your List - creating your list, adding to your list, automating your list
  • e-Newsletter Campaign - implementing and executing monthly, quarterly or as needed campaigns

Netcetra and Constant ContactConstant Contact

Constant Contact is the 3rd party eNewsletter provider that Netcetra recommends for email marketing campaign. The newsletter features, social media sharing and reports are easy to use and very functional. Some of our clients run their own campaigns, we simply help them with the custom design and embedding the sign-up on the website.

Call to discuss how we can help your e-mail campaign.

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