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Case studies allow businesses to provide information similar to a testimonial but more structured with key word phrases built in. Netcetra recommends case studies for some businesses as part of their SEO campaign.

Netcetra often ask clients to share their own case studies following this simple format.
  • Describe your client needs
  • Describe your expert recommendation, product or service
  • What were the benefits or results (ex: cost saving, time saving)

Netcetra has conducted the following case studies to provide examples about how a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign can be customized from one client to another.

Geographic SEO Campaign - Private Practice - 40 Mile Geographic Reach

Situation: A two doctor oncology and hematology private practice was looking for a very specific 20-40 mile geographic reach for their Search Engine Optimization campaign. The doctors practice operates out of Fort Lauderdale, however the hospitals they work in are throughout the county. Their goal was to become visible on the Internet for the doctors names, and for general oncology and hematology keywords when used in search phrase to locate a doctor in the area.

Challenge: When the website was first launched, there was no Internet visibility. It was necessary to type the domain name to find the website. The Internet competition was tough, there were many "find a doctor" websites which had natural search and paid search results.

Results: Broward Oncology Associates is currently in their third year of a Search Engine Optimization campaign. It took six months to obtain a solid hold on the desired geographic target market. To the right is a graphic image from the Broward Oncology Associates analytic reporting showing their key geographic traffic activity.

The SEO campaign has successfully obtained and maintained top keyword phrase positions on Google. For example: if you conduct a Google search for "Dr Luis Barreras" or "luis barreras md" you will find the link to the website page for Dr. Barreras within the first few results on the natural or organic results on Google. The same for "Dr Francisco Belette". As the campaign continues we have expanded the target markets to include clinical trials.

Tacking Online Referral Leads

Situation: W. & E. Baum specialized in donor recognition walls and plaques. For years Netcetra and run a Search Engine Optimization campaign geared towards obtaining and retaining visibility for keywords such as "donor walls" and "donor recognition walls". You can currently stumble across their website with over 4,500 different keyword phases (to date). The management team was interested in expanding their SEO campaign to target and track additional data.

Challenge: During one of our analytic review meetings we discussed other marketing initiatives, i.e. print campaigns. Since many print campaigns lead to website traffic, we began tracking results based on leads sent from other websites.

Results: Netcetra began analyzing and tracking the websites that sent clicks to and was able to gain valuable information regarding certain third party websites. W. & E. Baum reviews this information regularly to identify trends and opportunities as well as to manage their print budget.

Promoting New Service Areas

Situation: Glenway Distribution celebrated their 10 year anniversary in 2011 but their website was still in its infancy in terms of visibility on the Internet.

Challenge: Their website was built with an older technology that actually hindered their Internet visibility with the search engines.

Results: The website was re-designed by Netcetra to keep the same "look" but to use the newest technology. Glenway began their SEO campaign in 2010 first looking to obtain visibility with keywords that would typically be used by their clients and prospects searching for Glenway. Part of the early Internet campaign was designed around an ongoing month billboard campaign. After obtaining the attention from the search engines and getting some Glenway visibility, they were ready to promote specific services.

Netcetra recommend that they begin growing their website with new web pages to describe specific areas of their business. It might seem obvious that a firm that specializes in warehousing and distribution would offer "pick pack distribution services in NJ", "cross dock services in NJ" and "drayage services in NJ" but they didn't have the first search results positions in Google until we began developing fresh content for the website about those services. Try doing a Google search for those keywords and see for yourself.

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NetCetra LLC Liability Disclaimer.
NetCetra LLC does not guarantee first page placement results when only SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is performed. The major search engines now incorporate a keyword/ banner buying system to ensure highest placement. This type of purchase along with the type of business and keywords will determine your final web site position. Since this is an on going process between the NetCetra LLC and the search engine programmers there is no set time frame to achieve final results. NetCetra LLC will achieve exposure on first three pages for search engines offering banner ads with in one week after banner has been placed on that search engine. NetCetra LLC will also achieve exposure on first three pages of search engines that offer pay for placement provided that a reasonable amount is spent on keywords, to match your competitors.

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